Last Impressions, the end of CB2.

Today is the last day of the second closed beta test. I went into the field and started asking players on the last day questions! ^^. But, the second closed beta is ending in two hours. Here are some thoughts from players. :].

I’m sure the Empire thinks pretty much the same. :]. It was confirmed by Lmage and Haz that the next closed beta will resume on the 29th! Thank you all for a great beta test.

How did you like the second closed beta?

Trauma: I liked the new content, but I was disappointed that we didn’t have Castle Blight or Holy Lands.
Pancakes: I it was more populated, after level 10 or so. I hardly ran into people to do things with.
Qiin: I quit playing my 85 ranger on Everquest to play here.
Chronno: Very nice, like the first.
Soneka: I started at the second one, so I think it was great.
Jackofall: Just missed first round somehow before finding out CB has started. Liked it.
itchiebutt: I love it
EliteLock: Loved it man!
Mentiscontigo: Loved it! I’m so buying this game. 🙂
Geminix: Besdies some minor problems with class skills its pretty good. Definately a competitor for the pay mmos in my opinion.
Lunga: I got into the game at the end of CB1 so I really only got to learn it at cb2. The game looks really polished, love the graphics and gameplay.

Are you coming back for the third closed beta to check out the new stuff?

Trauma: Yeah, I’m looking forward to kicking some Empire tail.
Pancakes: Yes of course! I like the game a lot.
Qiin: I will be playing for sure.
Chronno: Sure
Soneka: Yup…can’t wait for the PvP.
Jackofall: Yes, and it can’t start soon enough.
itchiebutt: Of course I will be.
EliteLock: Seriously it was really cool.
Mentiscontigo: Yes, I definately am!
Geminix: This game has pulled me away from my paid mmos, War and WoW. If the PvP is good then heck, I may never go back to either.
Lunga: Sure :). But I’ll probably be in the League at cb3. I have a level 20 there and I want to check out the new League stuff. Also he is a pisonicist, which I think is the best new class ever. I’ll be back at the Empire to explore more too if there is time in CB3.

What are you waiting for the most?

Trauma: The level 30 cap, I’ve got my eye on the new gear pieces and a couple talents and skills.
Pancakes: What the game is like at high levels, and seeing if its worth playing in the long run. Things like the astral zones, pvp, crafting, etc.
Qiin: The store to open.
Chronno: Battleground and PvP.
Soneka: Mostly PvP…that is really why I wanted to play.
Jackofall: Just the higher level cap and new zones. I’m mostly about enjoying the entire game and less about a race to endgame for raiding or PvP so those aspects don’t mean as much to me though both are nice at times.
itchiebutt: PvP as well as the story and everything for quests.
EliteLock: A higher level cap. I wait the most on the PvP not level cap.
Mentiscontigo: Its not waiting for so much as loving what I have gottento play so far, the classes are not smears or homoginized of the other classes-clear differences in the different classes. Unique. The viceral feel of the casting, the graphics and sound! I guess I would have to say what spells/abilities I get to play with next on my psy.
Geminix: Honestly, I would have to say the end game stuff and abilities. lol. I really want to play my psi at 40. I have so many build ideas, its not even funny. The ability/talent system is a little confusing at first, but, once you figure it out its quite revolutionary.
Lunga: Honestly the League instance. Empire had it and we never got to go inside ours in CB2. I also want to explore more places and pvp a bit. Although I’m not that much into PvP, I’m more of a PvE guy.

    • Geminix
    • December 22nd, 2009

    Great Article Zar. Happy holidays everyone! See yall in CB3!

    • Water
    • December 22nd, 2009

    Yay for itchie.

      • Geminix
      • December 22nd, 2009

      Ack its Water

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