Praying to your Martyr with Perfume

Do you have perfume sitting around in your bag doing nothing? Curious of what it does? Or excited to see it? Well! This post should help. :].

Firstly, find your perfume vials:

By right clicking on it you’ll start an animation that will be your character praying. Here is a male Elf praying:

Before the prayer completes your health bars will look something like:

Afterwords like this:

The main differences you’d notice is a health, and mana (or whatever secondary bar you have) extension. Also your zodiac symbol will glow gold. This is the same for your character profile page:

You will also have a temporary sixty second animation that looks pretty cool:

The animation looks like this:

So all in all, perfume is a useful thing. However though, the thirty minute increased stats you get will also continue to count while you are offline. So, it would be a waste to use perfume right before you log off or take a long afk. These would be most useful for instances, questing, or tough things in game.

Hope this cleared up some perfume usage confusion. :).

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