Poll Results! What mob do you fear the most in game?

Well! Our second poll has come to a close now. The question on everyone’s mind here was What mob do you fear the most in game? Without further ado the results:

With bees as the clear winner. They are a known hassle for high dps, and yet, the ability to block a caster from casting. Those bees are tough! Just don’t touch those honeycones…

The squirrels came up with 28% of the vote, holding second place with a firm ground. The squirrels are known in this game for being evil. You have to gather around to kill a fearsome squirrel in a group for a quest (League side). And yet, when you shake a tree for a pine cone, sometimes an angry squirrel will fall out of the tree and attack. The squirrels also love to ruin a perfectly good stroll through a peaceful wood.

Now, our new poll is up. :]

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