Call of the Wild

I didn’t get access to the first phase of the CBT until right near the end, so I didn’t do much aside from a little bit of exploration on both sides, with the second phase I decided I’d give each of the classes a good play so I’d maybe settle on one.  That ended up being the Warden.  I just really gelled with the class and personally, found them a whole lot of fun to play.  You’ve a pet, which varies depending on which race you play, and you’ve got both physical and magical attacks.  My first Warden, Weedon, had a couple of points spent in increasing the power of my pet, White Fang.  Then I spent a few increasing my magical spells, so I could stand back casting whilst White Fang kept the mobs attention.  It worked great for levelling, but in the third CBT I’m eager to try out a melee based Warden and see how that compares to a magic based one.

So with that, my introduction to Call of the Wild is out of the way.  I intend to have it as a weekly feature with all sorts of Warden news, tips, stories and just general opinion on the Warden class as a whole.

As an aside, I’m visiting family for Christmas right now, with an old computer unable to run Allods, so I may well not get another post done before I get back home at the start of January!  With that said, I’ll take this moment to wish all our readers a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!

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