Closed Beta #3 Announcement

An email from gPotato was sent out today, announcing the third closed beta. Here is the text:

Closed Beta #3 Announcement!

December 29th – January 11th
Allods Online Third Closed Beta!

Happy Holidays!

Thanks for making Allods Online Closed Beta #2 so successful! We’re excited about all the positive feedback generated by our wonderful users and want to let you to be the first to know about what’s coming up in our Third Closed Beta!

In addition to all the cool things you’ve already seen from levels 1-20 (Empire and League Factions 28 classes, loads of mobs, talent grids and trees), we’re once again adding more content! In our Third Closed Beta, you will see: levels 1-30, world PvP action for the first time, 2 new territories, 4 new instances, and 500 brand new quests!

Also, this time around, we’re hosting some in-game contests with amazing prizes, including a grand prize of a Razer Megalodon 7.1 channel surround sound headset valued at $150!

Here’s the full email with all the graphics and stuff if you want to see it:

Good luck all. ^^.

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