Starting Herbalism Guide

Throughout Sarnaut there is plant life. Where you can find a senient being you likely can find plant life. A herbalist can go through and notice special plants, flowers, weeds, or even mushrooms that have magical properties or are major components in the profession Alchemy. A herbalist can collect these to later resell or use for themselves.

Around level five you can enter your capital city on Empire side (seven for League) and train at your Herbalism trainer. In Novograd the Herbalism trainer is in the Elven District, in Nezebgrad the Herbalism trainer can be found on the second floor of Yasker’s Tower.

You need to visit your profession trainer and purchase a Herbalist’s Training Manual it costs 38 silver, which you should easiily have by vendoring junk in your bags and from previous quests. Along with this you should buy a Rusty Sickle.

Right click the Herbalist’s Training Manual to teach you the skill Herbalism. Then accept the first quest from your herbalism trainer, Herbalism Basics. This quest will have you collect five herbs. These can always be found right next to the trainer. Look for a green ball circling some nearby plants. Here’s an example:

Walk up to the plant and open your bag. Find the Rusty Sickle:

Right click the Rusty Sickle to gather the plant:

Loot the plant:

Even though the quest only needs five, I recommend you keep picking the first plant, like this Violet inside your capital until you hit the skill level 50. It takes a few minutes to do, but it is worth it. You can go up to 65; but it takes a while longer. This way, you can maximize your skill points when you pick other plants that you find. 50 is the cap off the starting plant.

Your skill cap is 10x your current level. So if you’re level 5 your max skill will be 50. If you’re level 7 your max skill will be 70, etc.

When you hit level 10, 20, 30, and 40 be sure to check back with your Herbalism trainer to buy new sickles if they unlock for you! These will allow you to collect higher quality herbs! You should gather every time you see you can gather. You should be able to hit skill 85-100 before you leave to the next zone from the zone you learned your profession in.

Good luck folks. :]

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