Poll Results: Should CB Testers Get a Item for Testing?

The poll we had for the last week running was the question on a lot of people’s minds, should closed beta testers get a special item for helping with the test? And we have the results!

We had a whooping total of 97 votes with a wide verity of results! But, the winner was with 36% of the vote (35 voters) was a simple cosmetic item for  helping with the testing.

22% (21 voters) said we shouldn’t get anything. 14% of the voters wanted an item that grants an advantage for testing.

14% of the voters said a cosmetic item for each session of closed beta you partipated in. And a close 11% wanted an item with an advantage for each session!

Well, we can’t tell you all the details! Why don’t you look at the results yourself?

Lastly, I talked to a handful of people that play Allods Online actively, it seems the ones that I personally talked to prefer just a cosmetic item. However, Healshot did mention that it should be for how much you participated. Like those who don’t submit bug reports; don’t help others out; or not helping with guides; or even not contributing to helping find bugs, shouldn’t get the items.

What is your opinion for the results? Also! New poll in sidebar!

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