What are you up to?

So, with closed beta three here, I am wondering what all of you are up to? I’ll be over the next few days trying to interview people that played in the last closed beta to see what they are up to with this closed beta. It seems many are working on the Holy Lands now around the level 22-23.

I myself, rolled a new toon (Arith) on the Empire side to try out a Healer and to help me familiarize myself with the Empire. I did join a guild, the Silent Warriors. Why them? Because they managed to make me laugh nonstop on several occasions. I play for fun, and that’s it.

Also, it seems that the auction house bug still exists, where alchemists and herbalists items will just disappear. And I ran into the first reputation grind repeatable quest, it is much, much harder then the League’s. You have to kill creatures, ten rats, on the League side you just have to carry flour back and forth.

So folks, what are you up to now?

    • Mack
    • December 30th, 2009

    I too am home with the family, but when I get back it will be great to play. I am waiting to submit my interview with Mark Morgan, the man behind the great music in Allods. That should be very cool.

  1. Well I’m back home with the folks for Christmas and New Year, so can’t play again until the 4th Jan! Looking forward to it, though! I’ll be continuing with my Warden and as a couple of friends have gotten Beta keys, I’ll likely be hanging around with them when possible!

    • Tim
    • December 30th, 2009

    I will try lvling to at least 20 before school starts 🙂 but it takes so long time, anyone have some tips for levling ? and btw, what is the best AoE class

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