Finding the Treasure in Nezebgrad City!

Are you having trouble finding the treasure in Nezebgrad City? It sure is easy to miss, but easy to get to! And yes, there is a treasure in Nezebgrad City!

Firstly you need to head to Victory Park. Just walk in through the gates that look like:

You should see a lot of trees and grass and fire elementals!

Walk through the grass, the fire elementals are weak and they have a low aggro range. Around level 7 you should be able to run past them without having to fight.

Keep walking toward the center of the park, where you’d see giant statues.

You should now see some stairs, go up the staircase.

When you’re up at the top you need to walk to the side of the barrier that you can go behind (the column that lets you walk behind it) without falling off the platform you are ontop of. The side of it is to the south.

And there is the treasure!

Around the treasure chest these are the surroundings:

Location on the map, look for the sparkle:

Enjoy the treasure chest! If you want to control your item drop be sure to check out our handy Runes and Chests guide!

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