TWENTY-TEN Screenshots of the Day – Double Edition! Jan 1st and Jan 2nd 2009

Hope you all are loving the year twenty ten! Content is slow right now, as the holidays are wrapping up, with myself, and many of the other bloggers here are tying up loose ends with family members and trying to get in game every chance we get! I even forgot about the screenshot of the day yesterday! So today’s is a double edition!

The Official December 31, 2009 Screenshot of the Day was submitted by kfsaberwolf! Here’s the winning entry!

The winning January 1, 2009 Screenshot of the Day was submitted persocom117! Here’s the winning entry:

Now for the Novograd Times screenshots! Both were submitted by Healshot!

Do you have an unusual, beautiful, or a simply out of this world screenshot? Email them to for a chance at screenshot of the day! Your name and a link to a site, profile, of your choice will be given. For new screenshot artists follow these simple tips:

  1. Find a spot that you like, and want to submit.
  2. Use ALT + Z to hide your UI. It also restores your UI.
  3. Press the printscreen key on your keyboard.
  4. Upload your screenshot to a service such as ImageShack or TinyPic; or attach it to the email.
  5. Send an email with it to with your name and a caption if you have one :).

Reference to the In Game Screenshots guide if you need to find out where the game saves screenshots. Also check out the Events forum on the official forums for the official screenshot of the day contest!

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