Allods Online the subscriptionless MMORPG where fantasy meets space opera

Closed Beta Test phase 3 brings with it some new and exciting features!

Everyone can now level up to 34. With this new level cap, players have access to higher level content. No new client is needed; the game client automatically updates the next time you log into Allods Online. If you do not have the latest European Closed Beta Test client for Allods Online, you can download it here.

Slaughter week will begin on 18th so make sure you enter what will be the busiest week of non-stop action we have had yet! Dangerous times lie ahead! No one can predict the events that will take place…for hints and possibly more, follow us on our social networking sites. All players who register their interest in playing Allods Online before the 23rd of January, on our official website, will be given access to Closed Beta Test phase 3, Slaughter week, and can continue to play for the duration of the Closed Beta Test.

The efforts of our testers have been magnificent. We would like to thank you all for your feedback and discussions on our official forums and social networking sites.

Support will be available for the following Closed Beta Test phase 3 issues only:

–     Registration and activation issues

–     Account Issues

–     Technical Support for Closed Beta Test phase 3 Client

*Please note, while we appreciate your feedback, we will not reply to emails regarding any subjects other than those listed above, please feel free to post to the appropriate forum.

– English Support:

– French Support:

– German Support:

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