Call of the Wild – Stats and what they mean

One of the great features Allods Online has is the way it highlights what stats are good for your class on the character information screen, and whilst you can just follow the tooltip, it doesn’t recommend other stats which aren’t quite as essential, but still useful to have a few points spent in.  The ones highlighted in green and with a star, are the recommended stats for you.  The ones with blue text are stats that are being boosted by equipment you’re currently wearing.  One thing worth mentioning is that currently the tooltips don’t mention anything about how they benefit a Melee based Warden, hopefully this will be changed in a later build.

The Main Four

Intelligence – Spending points here will increase both your magical and physical damage.  So regardless of if you’re looking to make a caster or melee DPS Warden this is a great place to spend points.  Not only that, but your pet’s Strength and Agility (which will increase their damage and dodge chance) also get boosted by your Intelligence.

Perception – This decreases the chance your spells will get resisted or your physical attacks parried or blocked.  It also increases your pet’s Expertise, giving them less chance to miss when attacking.

Wisdom – Increases your mana pool and also your armour penetration for melee attacks.  A great stat for a Melee Warden.  More damage and a  chunk more mana, great for the times you may need to emergency heal.

Luck – Same for every class, it increases our chance to get a critical strike and reduces the chance to deal a glancing blow.  A great stat to have but I personally don’t stack it too high as I don’t like relying on crits to survive.

Other Useful Stats

Now, stats that aren’t recommended, but are useful for us;

Endurance – Reduces your chance to receive a critical strike and increases your chance to receive a glancing blow, rather than a full on hit.

Agility –
Increases your chance to dodge attacks.

Stamina – Increases your health pool, which in turn gives you a longer life.

I wouldn’t spend all points in the above three stats but if you find gear with them on and you’ve spent a whole lot of points in the main four, then you could do much worse than having a bunch more hit points and a reduced chance to be crit, for example.  It seems they’d be great for PvP’ers too, although don’t quote me on that just yet, as I’m yet to experience that part of Allods, unfortunately!

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