CB4 Announcement Email

A new email was sent out. Here is the text of the email:

Greetings from Sarnaut!

the Allods team is excited to announce the launch of our 4th Closed Beta! We have been having a blast playing the game and hope you have too!

This time aroumd, we’re thrilled to announce in addition to levels 1-30 (Empire and League Factions, 28 classes, loads of mobs, talent grids and trees), we’re once again adding even more content. Starting January 19, you will be seeing levels 1-40, 7 new contested zones (Dragon Ring, Avilon, Yazes Shard, Coldberg, Gipat, Forgotten Temple, and Far Astral Allods), new instances, new raids, Goblinball and the most exciting of all – Astral Ships have finally arrived! Yes! Now you can build your own ship and man it through Astral space by yourself or with a group of friends!

Also, now’s your chance to win a Razer MEgalodon Headset! Create your own Allods Online machinima video and you will be entered to win a headset valued at $150!

Click here for more details and official contest rules.

Come check out what everyone has been talking about… Register for Allods Online Now!

Click here to read original email.

The Allods Team

  1. It’ll be automatically updated. :]

    • Poxus
    • January 18th, 2010

    Any idea if we have to download the new cliet or will the one from CBT# just update?

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