Allods Team NA is hard at work!

People in the community make complaints saying the developers need to change their priorities.

I have seen Katelyn Olmstead and Shelby Goad of the NA team online constantly, they have both been in the office on weekends, and for long hours on the weekends and weekdays. The NA team is working twelve hour days and weekends trying to make content be ready for the NA crowd.

Compared to a great many other test phases in other games, they are fixing and translating content at a remarkable rate. There is still a lot to be done, but a lot has been finished.

It seems that the biggest priority is making sure the basic content gets out. Then fixing bugs as they can.

Many in the community want talents to be fixed, but, how do we know they can be fixed now? Considering the amount of bugs, and mob bugs, things can still be changed. Talents are on a todo list, likely.

It is my opinion that the developers are hard at work with the new content, and fixing bugs. I would much rather the actual game to work over my talents. Would you? ;].

So fixed talents + broken game where you can’t do anything or fixed game and broken talents where you can do some? I think I would much rather fixed game and broken talents. Then again, I am not into PvP, I am personally into PvE (though PvP is a lot of fun to watch!)

    • Bojan
    • January 21st, 2010

    16 hours a day…
    You are sarcastic?

  1. Oh I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing any of those people online and I play everyday.

    [I have seen Katelyn Olmstead and Shelby Goad of the NA team online constantly]

  2. The problems I’ve witnessed in the past with fixing the game and working long hours on the content just so the game is playable is the glitches such as toons getting caught in the topography,the item naming that seemingly Yoda did, the inconsistency with pet damages,the falling through the terrain…etc. get fixed as needed meanwhile new content will be brought out and nothing is done with the common problems people have. It is put on back burners and the “new” ideas keep comming out.There is the long hours…new content..advertising gloss…no real fixes for us the hard and long players of the game,who play 16 hours a day non-stop and get real annoyed with what we have to put up with while the devs and techs “fix” colors and create new areas 12 hours a day. If a small game was perfect..and the “new content” was postponed till the original stuff was permanently fixed, players such as I and many hardcore fans would enjoy it better. The response normally is “Oh, yeah that’s always been a problem, we’ll get to it sometime”.That attitude is hogwash!!
    Fix the stuff now or loose hardcore players, unless ya want a conveyor belt of newbies, who get upset and move on…WAR/WOW/EQ/EQ2 which are fixed and awaiting money from us.

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