Introduction to Astral Ships

Embarking on Astral exploration is no simple task. Before you can even think about sailing a ship there are many preparations that need to take place before you can begin your maiden voyage. The first and most important task that a player will need to complete is assembling a trustworthy crew to assist in flying into the Astral. You may ask yourself “why do I need other players to fly my ship?”. The answer is simple. In the Astral you will face many challenges that require the coordination of all ship functions, especially if you are to have a chance of surviving.

Below is a list of crucial ship tasks that need to be operated at all times while flying in the Astral.

Stations of the Astral Ship

~ Helm Control: (1-2 players) Controls the heading and speed of ship.
~ Navigators Visor: (1 player) Exterior view of Astral ship and a HUD of systems statuses.
~ Goblin Repair: (3-6 players) Goblins repair ship functions after they have been damaged.
~ Cannoneer: (2-4 players) Aims and fires astral cannons at enemies.
~ Astral Scanner: (1 player) Astral map used to aid in discovering other allods, Astral monsters, player ships, worm holes, and treasure.
~ Ship Security: (2 or more players) During times of Astral combat, not only will players need to continue to operate their ship but on board security will be necessary to help ward off attacking NPC/Players that invade the ship during combat.

After you have selected a crew, you will then begin to collect the mass amount of resources it will take to build the ship. The cost of an Astral ship is quite expensive, and may take some time to accumulate the necessary funds and materials. Additionally, you will be required to obtain an Astral ship license. Once the proper licenses and funds have been obtained you may now begin the construction phase of your Astral ship. Construction of a ship is no simple feat as each ship is hand crafted by its owner’s faction shipwrights and can take a significant amount of time to complete. Players have the option to expedite this process by doing daily quests to reduce the build time of their ship by up to half! Once your ship is complete, gather your crew and set out on your first Astral adventure!

From the Allods News Feed.

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