Jan 20, 2009 Screenshot of the Day

Well! The Novograd Times is back after a short hiatus, only what? Fifteen days with a few articles now and then inbetween. And we’re back with the screenshot of the Day! The official screenshot of the day hasn’t restarted yet, but we have. The Novograd Times Screenshot of the Day is:

The golems are beautiful mystical creatures that exist. While on a quest line one may talk to them and turn into a golem themself.

Do you have an unusual, beautiful, or a simply out of this world screenshot? Email them to screenshots@novogradtimes.com for a chance at screenshot of the day! Your name and a link to a site, profile, of your choice will be given. For new screenshot artists follow these simple tips:

  1. Find a spot that you like, and want to submit.
  2. Use ALT + Z to hide your UI. It also restores your UI.
  3. Press the printscreen key on your keyboard.
  4. Upload your screenshot to a service such as ImageShack or TinyPic; or attach it to the email.
  5. Send an email with it to screenshots@novogradtimes.com with your name and a caption if you have one :).

Reference to the In Game Screenshots guide if you need to find out where the game saves screenshots. Also check out the Events forum on the official forums for the official screenshot of the day contest!

  1. its screen shots like this that make me wish the Open Beat was what we are plaing so I could level…right now I am not going above 10 as I want to experience the game and not have to do it all over again in a few weeks.

    • It is why I paused at level seventeen for now. I really want to do further guides and all, but that’ll have to wait for open beta.

      And there are a lot of things being fixed and broken right now, just to have it all reset.

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