NA Allods Online Community Spotlight – The Novograd Times!

Whoa! Guess what folks? We got the community spotlight! The first community spotlight of the NA Allods Online Team (which we are usually primarily focused on).

Check out what they said:

Here on the Allods Team we like to take the time to check out all of the great articles, blogs, and websites that have been created about our game. From interviews, to video reviews, to beta key giveaways, the community has done a fantastic job of helping to spread the word of Allods Online. One of these sites/blogs that stands out is The Novograd Times. Headed up by the community’s very own Ashkir, and featuring many guest writers, The Novograd Times is a one stop spot for everything Allods Online. From class guides, to beta key giveaways, to interviews and more, something is always going on at The Novograd Times. With updates 4-7 times per week, the content is always fresh and the staff is always friendly and willing to listen to what you have to say!

We would like to thank The Novograd Times for a job well done! We can tell that you love the game almost as we do and it warms our hearts!

Be sure to check out The Novograd Times and add them on Twitter!

Thank you Allods Online team! :]. I think all of the guest writers agree with me, we’re humbled!

  1. Congrats!

    This is my MAIN stop for news and new things to learn about the game…great job!

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