Poll Results: Fatigue Opinion

Fatigue. Beautiful, isn’t it? Some agree. Some don’t. Fatigue is a major mechanic in Allods Online and the community is very biased about it. Many hate it, many love it.

We have done a opinion piece on the fatigue topic before. Many other places have looked into the fatigue system of Allods Online. Fatigue is extremely important. Many people have rest as ‘extra’ experience, but fatigue is a weighted mechanic, that you have to follow to remain on the quest curve.

Heartless Gamer believes that the fatigue system is smart:

The fatigue system in Allods Online is prretty smart… The system encourages players to do other things… This allows for and encourages social behavior… The system rewards the casual player, only getting an average of thirty minutes a day to play has not made me feel left out in Allods.

If you reach your cap you can continue questing or grinding mobs, even run dungeons for experience without taking a huge hit, considering you don’t do too many quests to ruin the questing curve that relies on fatigue. Many, many people cannot even reach the cap in their average playtime. It is very few who actually do hit the fatigue cap on a daily basis.

For the last few weeks we had a poll run througout our hiatus and it is now time to reveal the results! The question we had was: What do you think about the fatigue system?

Here are the results:

Now, it looks like 78% of the people that voted, which is a good majority actually are okay with the fatigue system. 43% of them love it.

Despite there being countless explinations, in third place “I don’t understand it” came in with 12% of the vote.

Lastly, only 15, yup, only 15 out of 158 votes said it has to go! That is a mere 9%.

So roughly 10% of the community doesn’t like fatigue. Roughly 80% are okay with it. The majority seems to be strong here. What is your opinion on the fatigue system?

I myself, personally love it. :].

Also new poll is up! :]

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