Finding the Treasure in Dead Sea

Thanks kindly to Chesnok who escorted me through a higher level zone and fought a great many evil goblins to keep me safe! I have uncovered the location of the legendary treasure in the Dead Sea!

Once in the Dead Sea you need to go to Sector 05! The easiest way to reach it is through the Seventh Seabed Resort (which is a beautiful place). You should see a warehouse/storage area on the way full of desert tortoises and nice goblins. Continue to go pass until you see some hills with mean goblins. And stuff like this:

You want to go to the opposite side of the trenches and mountain stuff to be on the edge of the allod (land) to the Astral (space). Continue walking down the edge until you reach the X on the map:

You should see a mountain like this as you near it:

Behind the mountain/hill side you see above is a nice hidden treasure chest. :].

Be sure to check out the stunning view before you leave! :]

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