New Theme!

The folks over at added one of my favorite themes to their stockpile. :]. This theme is called ‘monochrome‘ and it is really clean, compared to the last theme we had. Because we’re using a free host ( platform) with some paid features we don’t get a custom theme. But, there are so many selections.

I hope you guys enjoy this new theme! We’re among the first to try it out. I have reported a few minor bugs already, and I think this theme should help make the visual appearance of The Novograd Times a bit better. :]. I have also tweaked a few things on the site to help make it more organized. :]. And the sidebar was redone!

Enjoy it folks. ^^.


P.S. Click ‘Read More’ to see what our old theme looked like!

  1. TBH I liked the old theme much more. If you get the CSS Upgrade for $15, you can pick a theme, and edit the CSS to make it look different. Also, K2-lite and maybe some other themes allow you to change the header image, so that’s a great theme.

    • Yes. Later I plan on getting that upgrade eventually when we have a basic theme that is unique to us. :3.

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