AllodsFan: Top Tips for New Players

AllodsFan did it again! :]. AllodsFan is an awesome blog that updates once or twice a week that covers some very intriguing topics in depth about Allods Online. The team their does a great job!

This morning they released a new article, that I simply could not ignore. I just had to tell the Novograd Times readers about it! They made a list on top tips for new Allods Online players! If your friend is just starting, or even you (and you found us) I really recommend taking a look at this article!

Here are some quotes from the article (click to read the original article).

1. Stats are important. When a dead mob or questgiver NPC gives you new piece of gear that you can equip check its stat bonuses very carefully to decide whether it worth equiping. Allods Online is very stat-dependant game and ‘good stats’ means ‘balanced stats’ here, not ’super high one stat’ or ‘max possible sum of stats’. E.g. if you are playing melee damager and already have high Strength but low Expertise then +15 Expertise bonus may be better than +20 Strength bonus for you. It doesn’t matter how hard you can hit if you miss all the time, right?

I can personally vough for this! That one little point on that piece you just got can really add up. So you just got a +2 increase, then you get a +3 from the quest item, and a guild mate offered two pieces that give a +1 bonus to a useful stat each. So this is a +7 point increase for you, which can be significance.

2. Reputation vendors are your friends. Best source of good gear is reputation vendor who can be found in any location. Best blue-quality gear require highest possible reputation to purchase. Fortunately, it’s not very hard to max your reputation with vendor faction. Firstly, do as many quests as you can in this location. Then go for repeatable quests and do them until you hit reputation cap. Reputation gear is of the same quality as instance bosses drops and even solo player who never does group quests or instances but has some patience can buy it. After 23 level new type of vendors becomes available to you – PvP Glory Vendors that can be found in faction capitals. They also sell blue-quality gear and awesome trinkets for PvP.

A lot of classes in Allods Online cannot pull a scout and instantly one shot something as soon as they hit level fifteen. They need gear to stand a chance against some of these quest mobs. Yes, there are mobs out there that will shred you to pieces! Reputation can sometimes be overfarmed, but take time out of your day when it isn’t to farm it. It’ll make your leveling experience much more plesant.

6. Make friends early. Allods Online is social game. It’s quite solo-friendly but life becomes easier when you have a good guild or just company of friends who can help. Maybe the Healer who heals you through XAES or Oreshek will later invite you to fly on his astral ships to far-away allods? Or the Psionicist with whom you are doing group quest is an Alchemist who will make potions for your Herbalist char free of charge just for mats? So group with others when you can: look for groups in zone chat or near group quests locations. And don’t forget to put nice guys in your friends list.

Darren Allarde is a game master at Gala-Net North America, he did state in an interview with Massively that this game is intended to be group based. Not just solo based. Groups get a majority of the content here, Astral Ships need a group, Instances need a group of six, Raids need a group of 24.

7. Have fun. This is what the online games are for.

We agree! Have fun! We do here at the Novograd Times! This is a game.

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