Land Mounts?

Well. Mounts. Land mounts are a topic that people talk about endlessly. Do you want a land mount? Your answer is likely yes. I myself want one too.

People are coming up with some hilarious ideas, such as Gibberlings on a squirrel. Elves with some type of arcane magical creature. Or even just plain horses for everyone.

A while ago the EU GMs had a contest, and answered five most popular questions. One of them were about land mounts. They said land mounts are not planned at launch. Here is a quoted comment:

Land mounts are not planned at release for Allods Online, however at level 35 you will be able to start the quest chain to obtain your own Astral ship. These ships will allow you to travel out into the Deep Astral as well as defend your ship and your treasure against pirate attacks. You can also customise your Astral ship, making it like a floating home.

However Massively had an interview with Darren Allarde and asked the question, the answer from this NA GM was much different then Europe’s.

Mounts! Yes! Mounts will be available when we launch. Expect mounts sometime early this year!

Some people are referencing the Astral Ships as mounts, but others aren’t. Are GMs having two different views? Or is the NA getting a feature that EU isn’t getting?

What are your thoughts?

    • Hungover Guy
    • January 23rd, 2010

    As much as I can understand right now, I think you’re right!

  1. We should get mounts, they should not take up a bag slot(that’s ridiculous) and we should be able to choose what kind we want; meaning do not inhibit the type as per race played,also allow for coloring our mounts as well see fit along with naming them. Having a paladin would mean ones mount may be trainable to fight for/with you and rise in levels learning new attacks as the rider advances in levels. I however need my mount to be able to fly (flying pegacorns,pegasus,medium sized wyverns,Dragons,giant insects,mechanical contraptions, Griffins,Hipogriffs, undead species of flying mounts are also cool…etc)The flying mounts could land anywhere safely available. These mounts will have hit points and an armor class.One can heal/fix their own or friends mount with the correct skill set. Magic gear could be found or made for the mounts for better speed and protection/offensive abilities. I see no reason we should have to run everywhere we need to go especially just because it slows us down to get more time in the game. Oh yes. the aerial mounts can go as high as they want (over mountains not have to go around them).There can even be aerial fights for PvP areas. The Astral ships will have landing areas on them so one can fly up to an astral ship along with fellow guildies or friends that own the ship. There is no reason to ONLY allow access to a ship from certain points on land (that’s ridiculous as well)

    Also since it seems gravity does not work on Allods (we can fall off) why can’t we just jump down onto an astral ship from a lip of an Allod? I do not desire a “cutsie” mount (squirrels,rabbits,hamsters,guinea pigs…etc it’s too childish and is ridiculous as well)

    Let’s do something with the mounts idea and get nice and inventive. I’ve had enough of lazy Devs. with no foresight.

    Earl Lothar Loc’Nar

    • BlackHearts
    • January 23rd, 2010

    Louis :
    To be fair, in NA, you can supposedly get an astral ship at 20 (haven’t gotten that high yet), so the EU guy has already been discredited.

    No you can’t ._.

    • my bad, I forgot where I read that.

        • juulpower
        • January 23rd, 2010

        For as far as I know, you can start building one at level 35, you can complete one at level 40 and you can board someone else his ship from level 20, if he gave you the permission to do that.

  2. To be fair, in NA, you can supposedly get an astral ship at 20 (haven’t gotten that high yet), so the EU guy has already been discredited.

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