Some Quick Questions with miss_sadie!

Shelby Goad took some time from her busy schedule to answer a few questions we had. :]. Thanks Shelby! Spoiler: New Momo picture!

What is your personal favorite feature in Allods Online so far?

My personal favorite feature is the Astral Ships. There’s just something about taking a ship out and blasting the heck out of demons.

If they ever made a movie based in the world of Sarnaut, what would you like to see it based upon in lore and or time?

Allods has such a rich story that’d it be a shame to not use the lore. But I’d be especially excited to see the costumes!

There are many amazing zones in the game. Which zone do you enjoy the most so far?

Asee-Teph. I really like the jungle terrain, Tensess Temple, and of course, watching the players beat the snot out of eachother.

Are there any plans for non combat pets to be at the side of the hero through their adventures?

Currently we have very little information to offer on this, but believe me, you’d be the first to know!

If there are non combat pets, which pet do you personally want for your GM character?


A trusty little peach.

I had some trouble asking some of the Russian open beta folks this (then again there is a language barrier) and considering we’re only a day in the fourth closed beta, how big are the player astral ships compared to the npc travel ships (Like Nezebgrad to Holy Lands, or Novograd to Avilon)?

We get to captain the very same ships.

  1. February 1st, 2010

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