Beauty of the Game: The Landscape

Allods Online has so many amazing features in an mmorpg. It has a unique lore, real world influences, and a devoted player base and it isn’t even launched yet! To put it all together, it has an amazing graphics engine. The graphics are smooth, like a pastel art.

Many comment on Allods Online for the smooth graphics that don’t strain the eyes. I comment on the beauty of the zones. It has amazing scenery, and screenshots don’t even catch a glimpse of it. Landscape. The landscape of this game is beautiful. But very few people even focus on it.

When you pay attention to zone chat people are complaining about slow combat, or not finding quests, it seems like nobody is taking the time to realize this is an amazing game. Many skip quest text too. Many more don’t even stop to look at the landscape of the zone they’re in. The developers have done an amazing job in the scenery of the game.

Stop and smell the roses, er, look for the roses. The landscape in this game is indisputable. It is simply a must see. As I said, screenshots cannot even capture the native beauty. You kind of need to see and experience it for yourself. I am a role player, I do this naturally. If you cannot do this naturally, I recommend trying. :]. It is well worth the satisfaction.

Back in September the NA Allods Online team released a few trailers on YouTube however, they’re not really well known. These are wonderful trailers!

These are a must see for Allods Online players and people interested in the beauty of how it should be. Many, many graphics cards years old can support graphics as good as you see in these videos. The spec requirements are generous.

See the beauty of the game how it is meant to be seen:

    • BluestarNEO
    • January 25th, 2010

    In a day and age where a vocal crowd is always yelling for only the most sophisticated graphics and the most impulsive action a game can deliver, I applaud Allods for its look and feel. Great art direction can supersede any leap in technology, but I think a lot of people look past this.

    Hell, World of Warcraft has been using superior art direction for its game, and it has only worked in its favor as it is widely playable on an enormous selection of computer systems. Allods does the same, and yet to me, feels like an entirely different world from WoW, although people love comparing them together.

    Allods is all about fun in every aspect, and I like that I can enjoy a fantasy setting without the “cutting-edge” brown hues of the next gen.

    Good article and I hope more people stop with the next-next-giveme-giveme attitude.

    • larrypsy
    • January 24th, 2010

    As I commented at Gamefaqs – awesome game.

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