Fan Art: Kanian Ranger + Interview with the Artist!

We sat down (not litterally) with killingspray a few days ago. This person has showed exceptional skill in fan art, and I have simply loved the drawing! Here is the Kanian Ranger drawing by killingspray:

Kanian Ranger fan art by Killingspray

We also got a quick interview in. :].

When did you start playing Allods?
I played Allods since the end of the Closed Beta 1. I also played a bit in the beginning of the Closed Beta 2, but I’m only LV 13 at the moment, unfortunately I have no time to play now : /, but I’ll try to be more active in the Open Beta^^.

What do you like about Allods Online so far?
– The enviroment, and the world it takes place. In my opinion it is really well designed. I never seen such a forest like forest in any Free to play MMO before.
– The graphics and the effects are nice and it runs well on my 6 year old PC, so they did a great job with the game engine.
– The storyline is quite good.
– I also like the beginning of the game that instanced part of the game was really well made. There were so many actions so the storyline was fast.
– I also love the astral and the astral ships. Exploring the astral and fight with other peoples will be nice.
– Archers don’t need ammunition^^.(I always found it annoying to go back to the towns and buy ammo in other MMOs).
– Reputation gears are nice and easy to acquire.

What is your current pet peeve with the game?
– The combat is a bit slow for me 😦 but I will get used to it.
– Being an archer sometimes is a pain… quest item triggered mobs appear in front of you, and you have no chance to use your bow normally.
– I hope they won’t mess up the cash shop, that thing can kill the game.

How do you feel about squirrels in game?
I fear them. Actually they are quite hilarious yet scary.(Maybe because of their buff that makes them bigger?)

Do you read The Novograd Times? If so, how long have you been reading our site?
Yes, I read it since the beginning. I find it useful and entertaining. The treasure chest guides are nice, and there are many new information posts about Allods.

Why did you make your fan art based on a Kanian Ranger?
Because my character is a Kanian Ranger, it’s easier to draw someting you saw earlier. I also like to play ranged/archer classes in other MMOs. I also have a bow in real life and I quite enjoy it.

Killingspray's real life bow!

Anything you’d like to say to the readers of The Novograd Times?
Have fun in CB4! See you in OB. And don’t forget to post any artworks about Allods on Allods fan art forums.

    • Shourisha
    • January 26th, 2010
    here you’ll also find some fanart from russian players. I think you won’t be having trouble looking at it, maybe reading the comments and some jokes.

    • juulpower
    • January 24th, 2010

    nice 🙂
    that drawed bow looks like your real bow o.o

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