How to Find the Treasure in Tenebra

Ready for your first mithril chest? Start out in Darkwater and head to the Great Tree.

The Great Tree

I’m sure you recognize this guy!

Right click on this June stone and select the option To Tenebra. Hamster ball, wheeee!

And you land here, at Summer Manor. Now, we have to go hamster balling again. Right click on this June stone and you might see two different destination lists. Choose the option that says either Tainted Woods or the option that takes you to the southern half.

And you land here. Looks kinda the same huh? This is the Tainted Woods, on the southern of the two allods that make up Tenebra.

Now, travel northeast through the woods towards Lamia Lake, as circled on the map above. X marks the spot!

Once you start to see Lamia (they look like nagas) and the lake, you’re getting closer!

Almost there! You’re at the shore of Lamia lake. See that big tree stump ahead? Walk towards it, be careful of the Lamia leader that is nearby.

Ta-da! Enjoy your treasure. 🙂

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