Basic Alchemy Tutorial

Alchemy is one of the professions that has a slight learning curve. Once you understand what’s going on, it’s cake! This tutorial will explain what’s going on so that you can go on to be a master alchemist. I suggest having an herbalist alt or a friend who is an herbalist, or else you’ll need to depend on the auction house and it won’t always have exactly what you need.

First, you will go to your alchemist trainer, whether he be League or Empire. Trade with him and buy the following items: Alchemist’s Training Manual, Shoddy Flask, and 2 basic solvents, as pictured below.

Right click on the training manual in your inventory and then click Accept but only if you’re sure you want to learn Alchemy! You’ve now learned Alchemy and you’re ready to get started. Right click on the shoddy flask in your inventory to bring up the alchemy window, like so:

You’ll see your alchemy level in the upper right corner, you can also find your level by hitting I then clicking the Professions tab at the bottom of the character window. At the bottom of the alchemy window, you’ll see a button labelled Recipes. Click on it to see what you’re capable of making. It looks like this:

Notice that at level 1, you can make Stain Remover, and take note of the two symbols. Two eyeballs, right? Now take note of the eyeballs here:

Each alchemy ingredient has a certain set of symbols associated with it. You must match up the symbols of your recipe with the symbols of your ingredient. Since we need two eyeballs, right click on the basic solvent twice to place it into the two vials in your alchemy window. It’ll look like this:

Your two ingredients are now in the two vials and the Boil button will now be clickable. Click it to boil your potion! Boiling a potion looks a lot like a slot machine. One or both rows of symbols will spin and stop at a random place. If you fail you’ll receive a Strange Mixture which does nothing and is worth only 4 copper. But all is not lost! You may make corrections. Up to level 94, you may make one correction to try and get a good potion. In order to do this, click the arrows at the top and bottom of your vials:

See the Strange Mixture over there? Now, use your one correction by clicking to move the second vial either one space up or one space down to align a second eye symbol and get a success!

Click on the potion at the right and a loot window will pop up. Collect your potion from the loot window, and the alchemy window will reappear, ready for another potion. Now we’re going to play with herbs! If you glance at your recipe window, you’ll see that at level 2 you may make a potion of speed and it requires a different symbol, and an eye, which you get from Basic Solvent. The first herb you’ll work with is St. John’s Wort, so make sure you have some, or you can use the Stain Remover to level yourself up a little more. Ready for potions of speed? Let’s get started. Right click on your shoddy flask and now we need the right ingredients.

St. John’s Wort happens to have the same symbol as is needed in your recipe. Place St. John’s Wort in your first vial and place Basic Solvent in the second and click Boil. If you’re lucky, you’ll get a success!

Success! But if it isn’t a success, do your best to use your one correction to fix it. Unfortunately, there are times when you can’t save the potion, no matter what. That’s the risk of alchemy. At level 94, you’ll be ready to move on to the basic flask, which has three vials, and you then get two corrections rather than one. Also, your recipes will need three matching symbols. Use what you learned in your first 94 levels to advance. You now have all the knowledge you need to power your way to master alchemist. Enjoy! ❤

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