Character Naming: The Elves

Allods Online has a rich lore, though behind it sometimes names are limited to certain things.

The Elves are the most ancient and the most revered of all of Sarnaut. Throughout the history of the Elves they have gone through many stages of development. Long ago, the elves were divided into different, several spiecies and used this seperation to create houses. A house is a large community of Elves tied by blood.

The Great Ball occurred annually and were important meetings for the Elves. It was during these gatherings that the most important decisions which affected the entire kingdom was decided.

Basic Facts:
– All Elves are trained in basic magic from a young age.
– The Elves were the first sentient race on Sarnaut.
– Elves were the first to use magic.
– The Elves were around long before the other races to watch them develop through evolution.
– After the cataclysm the elves lost large numbers of their kin, being reduced down to eight houses.
– The Great Ball of Houses was renamed to the Ball of Eight Houses, after the cataclysm.
– The current eight houses gained control over the rest because they adapted to the cataclysm quickly and made alliances, mergers, secret arrangements, and even military force.
– The Elves signed an agreement with Kania in 707, becoming a part of the League after the Orcs and Xadaganians captured Grokh.
– Once necromancy was forbidden among the Elves.

Now, that we got the basic info behind the Elves out of the way lets dive into the naming of the Elves.

Today there are only eight houses of Elves left. All of their names end with ‘de house’. Here is a listing of the eight house:
– House de Desirae
– House de Ardeur
– House de Vevre
– House de Pluie
– House de Grandeur
– House de Delice
– House de Blizare
– House de Doucer

Known facts about the eight houses:
– House de Desirae is the current Ruling House.
– House de Doucer is the disgraced house.
– House de Desirae specializes in necromancing.
– House de Desirae is responsible for bringing necromancy back into the Elves’ goodgraces.
– The House de Doucer has been disgraced for cheating in the Great Ball.

So, your character in lore sense will belong to one of the eight houses. Their name should be NAME de House. Such as me, Azar, would be Azar de Desirae because necromancing specialization, and he isn’t degraced.

Thanks to miss_sadie for help with this! :]

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