EU Closed Beta Test 4 now live!

The EU launched their closed beta test four today! EU players are getting double experience, and many other features and bug fixes. =D. A lot of nice bug fixes and some suggestions came into play with this closed beta test! It will be an exciting test. :].

Some neat things that I like:
– Change chat colors! No more brown zone chat!
– Elite Quests added. =O.
– Yasker and Aidenus have new models!
– Many class changes, very nice class changes!
– Chat commands and emotes have been improved.

Check after the break for patch notes.


– Some creatures’ abilities have been updated: Wolves, Fungi, Ogres, Turtles, Cyclops, and Yaks.
– Rats poison effect has been decreased.
– Duration of buzzing of bees has been reduced.
– Fixed a few issues with the daily quests.
– When fighting with lizards, pets should no longer speak lizard phrases.
– The visualization of shirts has been improved.
– Magic wands should now show the proper spell power.
– Pets should now be invisible after death.
– Combat log should now show the proper spell names.
– Chat commands and emotes have been improved.
– Group Loot: There is no more restriction in sharing loot based on party member distance.
– Group loot: Loot sharing setting “common” now included.
– Group loot: “Common” items are available as a restriction.
– You can now hide you quest list from your main screen.
– Added a client performance indicator along-side a ping indicator.
– Guild interface has been improved.
– Multiple map corrections have been implemented.
– Improved the hotkeys selection for group members
– Chat functionality has been enhanced. Including color, and size.
– Location selection window in the Portal Keeper’s interface should now close correctly.
– Corrected messages about fatigue below 5th level.
– Tooltip corrected: Health Potion for classes that use energy was incorrect.
– Tooltip corrected: Amount healed in Health Potion was incorrect.
– Health restored with bandaging has been increased.
– A new item icon has been added.
– Font size options have been added.
– The Saints system is now live!
– Quest for Saint’s Protection of fourth level has been added.
– Quests for Saint’s Protection of second and third level should now be corrected.
– Quest: Saint’s Protection: Requirements for final stages reduced
– When Saint’s Protection of third of forth level is active, players should now spend less time in Purgatory.
– When Saint’s Protection of third level is active, players should receive a 15% discount on mirra
– The saint’s Protection effect timer has been reduced.
– The ability for an automatic prolongation of the Saint’s Protection has been added only if the player has enough aromas.
– The PvP flag interface has been enhanced.
– The ability to switch the PvP flag on/off have been fine tuned. (tsstss no more exploiting).
– Added a tooltip: PvP flag current state and switch time cooldown.
– Added tutorial quests to teach PvP flag usage for both factions.
– When disbanding a group within an ‘instance’, player is automatically sent out after 1 minute or with the end of game session.
– Quests obtained in Aidenus Tower, Novograd, in Yasker’s Tower, in Nezebgrad can be completed only once.
– When a very rare item appears in a player’s chest, a special message should be broadcasted in /world chat to notify all players. Gratz!
– The /say command radius has been increased. Now those within 100 meter should see the message.
– Amulets increasing player stats now share a common cooldown timer.
– The costs for high level Alchemy potions have been fine tuned.
– The ship naming list has been improved.
– The combat with Astral Demons has been improved; we hope you are ready for them.


– Characters head should now gaze in the direction they are aiming.
– Paladin’s canons and Warden’s potions cannot be stored in the bank anymore.

– Icy Grave spell cancels conflagrate effect.

– Spell: Putrefy: Should now make creatures aggressive at the moment of casting and not at the moment of first effect.
– Ability: Rise from the Dead has been fine tuned.
– Summoner’s pet pathing has been enhanced when on friendly territory.
– Blood Bank state should now be saved when leaving game.
– Overlapping of Blood Bank panel on pet’s panel has been corrected.

– The Rapid Fire skill animation has been improved.
– Bow and crossbow animations have been improved.
– Crossbow should now shoot with crossbow bolts and not with arrows.

– Spell: Erase Memory: Using this spell increases creatures’ agro.
– Spell: Shock Wave: Mechanics corrected to match description.
– Spell: Choke effect duration has been reduced by 1 second.
– Damage from breaking Mental Link should now be displayed correctly in the combat log.

– Warden should not lose their pet anymore when resurrected by other players.
– Pet being stuck in “inactive” mode after teleporting should now be corrected.
– Pet’s health status should now be saved when exiting the game. But why would you exit the game?
– Warden’s pet pathing has been enhanced when on friendly territory.
– Spell: Kanian Warden: Scare ’em!: this spell has been fine tuned.
– Spell: Gibberling Warden: Hold ’em!: this spell has been fine tuned.

– Ability: Die Hard: Icon and cooldown details have been added.
– Abilities: Renewed Vitality and Adrenaline Rush: Icons have been fine tuned.

– Damage with barriers should now show correctly in the combat log.


– Quests added with elite mobs.
– Runes description has been enhanced.
– Visualisation of Adventurer’s Stone should now be corrected.
– Yasker and Aidenus models have been updated.
– The learning curve from level 30 to 35 has been fine tuned.
– Oracle and Fortune Teller have been added to capitals cities.
– Quests for Heroic “instances” can now be abandoned.
– Fixed some geometry issues.
– Hanging objects have been improved.
– New Portal Keepers have been added.
– Some current Portal Keepers have been fine tuned.
– The Visualization and mechanics of the Astral Hangars have been enhanced.
– World chat is deactivated in factions starting zones (Evermeet Isle and the Sewers).
– Dead monsters cannot talk anymore. Dam sploiters!
– Quests for Heroic “instances” have been fine tuned.
– Consequences of doubling quest lines have been fine tuned.
– When the Mage ability Sanctuary is used during a heroic, the group should now be teleported back to the beginning.
– Door mechanics in Lab Thirteen and Tensess Temple have been improved; players should not be able to walk through them anymore.
– Elixir of Invulnerability cannot be used outside of the starting “instances” anymore.
– An issue with ending the game session on leaving group and entering it again in instance has been fixed.
– Raid groups can now be disband correctly.
– Leadership of a group is now redirected when the current leader leaves the group.
– Raid commands have been fine tuned.
– The ability to move players from group to group without disbanding the raid has been added.
– Quest items required for quest progression and received while in a Raid or Group should now count for all on that quest step.
– An issue with incorrect mana and health bar status of raid members after reloging should now be corrected.

– Quest: Beauty Contest: Map markers have been fine tuned.

Oreshek Fortress
– Nearby creatures cannot kill the Combat Troll anymore.

– Quest: Poachers in the Way of Progress: Illyar spawn time has been reduced.
– Tiger Tribe Shaman cannot be attacked.
– Tiger Rage now cancels on exiting a zone.

– Termites spawned when killing the Termite Queen has been improved.

Castle Blight
– Magic Chalk should now correctly protect from the Witch’s Curse of Endless Snow.

– Quest: On the other side of Darkness: Quest timer has been improved and quest is now solo.

– Quests: Nezeb’s Fifth Deed: Mechanics tuned.
– The visualization of new decorative objects has been enhanced.
– Police Officers have been fine tuned and should not hinder questing.
– Sewers have been fine tuned.
– Nezebgrad NPCs have been fine tuned.
– Fixed an issue when completing the New Craft quest.

Igsh Military District
– Quest: Defective Destroyer: Monster spawn time reduced.
– Quest: Defective Destroyer: Quest is marked as group quest.
– Quest: The Cowardly Skeleton: Mechanics changed.
– Quest: Helping the Hospital: Mobs added.
– Quest: The Importance of a Belt: Quest mobs added and improved.
– Quest: The Return of Shaky Bones: Shaky Bones enhanced and he fights with termites.
– Quest: Slimecrawler: Quest mob spawn time reduced.
– Quest: Slimecrawler: Text and mechanics changed. Now when the quest is completed as a group, all group members should update accordingly.
– Quests: Kill the Corpses, Forces of Nature, and Experimental Opponents: Flag colours should now show correctly.
– Overall landscape geometry has been fine tuned.
– A Servant of the Light has been added near the Mondovi Fortress.
– Quest: Checking the Totems: Map markers are fixed.
– Quest: Defective Zombies: Mechanics corrected: The effect that the character receives during the quest, removes correctly.

ZIT Headquarters
– Quest: Elemental Energy: Mechanics changed: Now player is able to collect energy from the Elemental even if it was killed with a single blow.
– Quest: Spark Busting Marathon: Sparks amount is increased.
– Quest: Spark Busting Marathon: After completion, the Sparkton Pack remains in the character’s inventory.
– Astral shores visualization has been improved.

Lab Thirteen
– Mechanics on how to kill Egor Smazhin have been fine tuned.

– Sites of Power now take the colour of the faction that captured them.
– Quests: Helmets for the Recruits and The Fashionable Army: Now player is asked to bring armours for armies.
– Central Cemetery has been moved from the camp so that the League and Empire are now in equal positions.
– League fighters in the camp are now guards.
– Quest: The Goblins’ Dark Artifacts: Map pointer now shows the proper place and chest can now be opened.

Tensess Temple
– Fixed issues with Symbols of Victory.
– Fixed an issue with creatures spawning.
– Bosses behaviour has been fine tuned.

– Quest: Operation Holy Cloak: Mechanics changed for both factions. If players lose the cloak, they can obtain it again by killing the goblin pirate.
– Quest: Yasker’s Emissary: Emissary now appears and should now be able to be completed.

Coba Plateau
– Quest: Defector’s friends: Mechanics improved.
– The visualization of characters, objects and monsters have been enhanced.
– Map markers for quests have been improved.

– Quest: Wagon train robbery: Players should not longer lose reputation with “Free Traders” faction while in the robber’s mask. Reputation can be restored in the pub, Gorislav Gipitsky NPC.
– Quests: Beyond the Cordon! and The Four Anomalies improved: all zones are counted correctly.
– Quest: Veronkia Saved!: Now Veronika NPC is available for more time.

Yazes Shard
– The cultists visualization has changed.
– Quests: Cultist key and Demons City Gates improved.
– Quest: Attack Demons: Map pointer added.
– Quest: Live Bite: Map pointer added and text updated.
– Meteorite chest changed to Mithril chest.
– Chance of obtaining high-level mining and herbalism resources is increased.
– Kuzurgar the Rebellious’ abilities improved.
– Creatures spawn timers have been reduced.

Kingdom of Nature
– Creatures’ visualization has been improved.
– Quests for resource collecting have been fine tuned.


– Costs for repairing items have been updated.
– The breakdowns of ship devices have changed: Devices that are damaged from 50% begin to surfer with greater penalties at 75%.
– Reactor now cools down each second, not once every several seconds.
– Names of goblin engineers have been changed.
– Goblins can no longer repair items that cannot be broken. Dam goblins…
– Laser Beam visualization has been enhanced: Beam now shoots correctly and tabs between targets.
– Different visors now have different options.
– The Reactor capacity has been increased.
– Fixed an issue when logout/in while flying.

Astral Travels
– Added a warning message to events that will cause the loss of a Chest due to player’s actions.
– Astral Emanation gaining and spending have proportionally been increased.
– Astral Sectors now have names that can be seen in the scanner.

Astral Creatures
– Astral demons summon small creatures to the deck more seldom.
– Damages from small astral creatures from ship devices, has been lowered.
– It should now be easier to hit Astral demons with a cannon.

Astral Isles
– Group Loot: After talking to special NPC, all group members receive a buff that allows one to participate in loot sharing.
– Amount of chests that can be dropped from monsters on Astral allods have been fine tuned.
– Creatures summoned to the deck cannot damage devices that cannot be damaged.
– Visors, Scanners, and Laser Beams can now be looted on Astral allods.


– Craftsmen traders now have special potions which allow removing a current profession.
– Additional training quests for gathering professions: players can now develop professions according to their level.
– Costs for components have been updated.

– Items that are obtained from training kits should now have levels.
– Training kits can be stacked up to 10 items in one slot.

– Solvents properties have been fixed.
– Damage in poisons and healing effect of healing potions has been updated.
– Strange Mixture effect fine tuned.
– Poison now has cooldown timer.
– Prices for selling potions to vendors have been updated.
– Cooldown timer of Potion of Speed, Potion of Invisibility, Confusion, Poison, and Antidote has been increased.
– Fixed an issue when obtaining potions from disabled slots.

Leatherworking, blacksmithing and tailoring
– Recipes for higher levels have been changed.
– New components have been added.

    • juulpower
    • January 26th, 2010

    that’s great, I guess they just had to translate it mostly, I think we will see it in OB 🙂

    • BluestarNEO
    • January 26th, 2010

    Nice update for the EU players. I wonder if we will be getting this update in CBT4 or have to wait till we see if go straight to OBT or CBT5.

    • We will be getting this and more in the next test, likely.

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