Runes and Chest, upcoming changes?

Thanks to Shourisha for pointing this out. :].

Remember how you gather multiple chests daily and open them all up? Even put runes in them to effect the outcome of an item you want or the type of an item you can sell for more? Apparently you can only get one chest now in the Russian Open Beta. This change is not yet live in the NA beta. There is a chance that it could happen.

What are your thoughts on this folks?

You remember our Runes Reference Guide section called Runes and Chests, right? Well, apparently from a tip sent in, Russia changed the runes in chests on New Years. You no longer can attach a rune to a chest, and hence your item will now be random. No more controlling the luck, once that change comes over to NA and EU.

I’m disappointed by this myself! I love the runes with chest mechanic! Hopefully the NA folks will keep this. :].

What are your guys thoughts on this change?

    • Shourisha
    • January 26th, 2010

    Hmmm, about the chests. They didn’t do that, you still can add runes to your chests. They did something else with the chests. Now you can gather only one chest per day from all the other chests. So you have to choose well which one you want most (it’ll be ofcourse the chest with the higher level). But the chest-runes system DOES still work, don’t know who gave you the info, but i just collected my chest yesterday and put a rune in it in the Russian OBT.

    • That is a very sad change made. :(.

      Thank you Shourisha for the updated information!

        • Shourisha
        • January 26th, 2010

        You’re welcome!

        • Shourisha
        • January 26th, 2010

        yes, it is a sad change, you could make up to 100-150g a day just in an hour on lvl 40, now not anymore. But well. You’re welcome

      • Yeah. Lets see if the NA people carry it over or not. ^^. It seemed like an amazing source of gold. If you didn’t need any items just put runes in them for heavy armor or weapons is what I’m thinking o.o

        • Shourisha
        • January 26th, 2010

        better make a use of it in the open beta, while they haven’t fixed that. I hear there won’t be a wipe of characters between OB and the actual release, so, level up as fast as u can and gather all the chests. I fear they would do the same here too (however this will make the prices for the itemshop crystals rise a lot)

    • BluestarNEO
    • January 26th, 2010

    I personally have not had a chance to use it in-game, but thought it was a nice mechanic once you understood how it worked. Hopefully they will keep the rune/chest feature in the NA/EU versions.

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