/shout command.

Game Master Linalthin of the Europe team provided us with some information, thanks to the feedback given to them by the player base regarding the item shop. The /shout command will be free of charge. :]. You won’t have to pay for megaphones in the EU client when it launches. :].

Right now the item shop is under debate, be sure to let your opinions be told in existing threads on the forums. :]. Both NA and EU have active threads up with people discussing it. Be sure to keep it civil! Let the Allods Online team know what you would personally pay for.

Here’s the original post from the source:

Yet another exclusive from your Allods Online team:

There has been some debate on our official forums regarding the /shout command and whether or not it will be a paid service when the Allods Shop goes live.

To answer the debate: It will not. /shout will remain completely free of charge. To use it, simply continue to type /zone before your text.

Thanks for the valuable feedback each of you provided, which helped us in making this decision.

Best regards,

    • Shourisha
    • January 26th, 2010

    very nice to hear. So they’ll be making a different pay-system, would like to see what it would be? A bigger, stronger money-milker, or maybe a total free ride heh.

    • Very likely.

      The NA and EU versions are going to probably have different mechanics then the Russian version and less grind. The Western Audience has a very low tolerance for a grind and many other things.

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