Astral Ships: Weapons

It is time for the second part of our Astral Ships overview! We’re going to sit down and talk about the weapons. :]. Weapons are a major part of the Astral Ships, as well, if you don’t have weapons how will you fight off those mean Astral Demons? Or even your enemy that can be lurking right underneath you! But be careful, you can damage your ship if you use your weapons too much!

Firstly lets take a look at some of the nice and sexy weapons. :].

The Astral Cannon

The Astral Cannon is the most visible weapon upon an Astral Ship. There are by default eight on your Astral Ship, four on the starboard and four on the port of the ship. (If you don’t already know the ship lingo, please check out this post.)

These cannons can be manned by a gunner (or multiple), but be careful with how many are positioned by the cannons as your standard group size is only six players. These also can be fired by the pilot.

For a gunner, all you have to do is right clink upon an Astral Cannon and you’ll be given a new interface:

The cannons can face three different directions, left, right, and straight. You can only turn one direction, but not further in that direction. The angles are short, so in order to fight an enemy that is moving around the ship, you need to coordinate with other gunners to attack the enemy, and even the pilot to move the ship to follow them in angles.

Yes! Sometimes these enemies can be above you, below you, or other hard to see places. A navigator can also see the position of all players and close by demons from the visor, which is an interactive 3D model of the ship in real-time. You can even see your other shipmates roam your ship!

The Astral Cannons have a default cool down of about thirty seconds. They inflict 900 damage per hit (that does not miss the target).

Astral Mortar

The Astral Mortar is another type of weapon. You get two of these facing toward the bow on both the port and starboard. These are large cannons, and they are below deck.

The Astral Mortar is a powerful automatic cannon. These can only fire in the direction that the ship is facing. These do blunt force damage in an area of effect. When one does get a critical hit, it can break a device on a neighboring ship. These stop firing when left unmanned.

    • bob
    • January 27th, 2010

    Awesome, so you’re the one who harassed low level players on a GM given character. GG dude, way to show the leadership of a mod.

    • Hi Bob. That was not me. We don’t know who it was and are trying to figure it out. :[.

      If you have a screenshot and an exact time you saw the level forty, please let me know so we can take care of it and try to figure out who abused it. Thank you.

      3 groups of 12 people each got access to them.

  1. Thanks for the guide, Azar. Very interesting.
    Astral Guides are rare even in Russian community – I’ve found only one good RU guide in fact.
    Waiting for more.

  1. January 29th, 2010
    Trackback from : Astral Monsters

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