NA CBT4 Bonuses!

There is about a week left in the fourth closed beta for the NA servers. miss_sadie, a game master for Allods Online just announced some nice bonuses! =D.

We are pleased to announce that for the remainder of CBT4 we have given two bonuses to Allods Online.

• 125% Global XP bonus
• Astral Ship build time is now 6 days (2 with Daily Quests)

In addition, the quest bugs for both Coba Plateau and Coldberg have been fixed and the ships to Avilon and the Wild Isles have been repaired.

    • Smores
    • January 31st, 2010

    Are they also pleased to announce that the game has suddenly become free to wait, pay to play?

    Are they pleased to announce FoD?

    Are they pleased to announce that they’ll be selling game breaking power?

    I’m curious why you didn’t write an article about that latest patch despite the amount of people who seem to care about it in one way shape or form or another.

    • I personally like the changes, so how could I write an article based on my opinion against them?

      If another author hates the changes they’re more then welcome to write such an article.

      We new FoD was coming, and I actually think to get rid of the debuff gold cost is very reasonable. Only change I want to see is to disable it for PvP deaths.

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