Christmas Event Guide

Christmas has come late to Allods this year! Through the end of closed beta test #4, Father Winter and his assistant, the Snow Maiden, will be hanging out in Novograd and Nezebgrad.

Father Winter and Snow Maiden in Nezebgrad!

Father Winter and Snow Maiden in Novograd!

Speaking to Father Winter will let you take his two quests. One to throw three snowballs, and you do this by right-clicking them in your inventory. You can throw them at players or NPC’s, knock yourself out! The second quest is to plant 7 trees around the city. Unfortunately, the game seems very picky about where you plant them, so it takes trial and error to get them planted. Each of these quests gives you 1,000 reputation for the Holiday Council. Once you’ve finished these two quests, Father Winter offers you a repeatable quest to place five trees, five snowmen, and five holiday garlands around the city, for 250 reputation.

What do these things do? Right clicking a tree will grant you a holiday present that you can open for random loot. Right clicking a snowman gives you snowballs, which you can throw at other players, with a small chance of getting a present. The holiday garlands (which look like candy canes with lights on them) are for something else entirely. Opening holiday gifts has a chance to give you the Greedy Father Winter buff, with a one hour timer. You know you have it when you look like either a snow maiden or Father Winter. Female toons get the bag on their back and a tiara. Male toons will have the bag and a santa hat and beard.

There’s an upside and a downside to this buff. While you have this buff on, you can interact with the holiday garlands. Eventually one of them will give you seven presents and the buff will disappear. On the downside, while you have the buff on, you will be hunted. If you are hit by 10 snowballs you will drop a pile of presents and be forced to run around aimlessly for several seconds, while wearing a snowman head. During which time people will be able to come up and steal all your presents! So destroy the holiday garlands as fast as you can to get your seven presents and lose the buff! Here’s our esteemed editor sporting his snowman head, and take note of the pile of presents he dropped!

What do you get? Presents have the chance to give you several things. You can get casual garments to play dress up with, either in blue or in red. You can get random treats like champagne, candy, or mandarin oranges. You can also get gear. Any of the reputation gear the Snow Maiden offers you can be received from a holiday gift. The reputation gear are various pieces at level 8, 18, 28, and 38.

    • Smores
    • January 31st, 2010

    No, it’s not because of when their Christmas is, it’s because the developers are lazy to even bother to remove it.

    Sort of like they’re too lazy to think of ways to make money and have decided to go with game breaking mechanics which force you to use the cash shop.

    • It was left in for a reason. Many people requested to try it out for the rest of the closed beta because Europe and RU got the event, but the NA servers did not. And other reasons.


  1. I think the reason there is a christmas eevnt now is becuase in Russia christmas is actually on January 7th, not Dec. 25 like most other countries.

      • rotsicle
      • January 31st, 2010

      That’s really interesting! Thanks for the info 🙂

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