Astral Ships: The Helm

The Helm has three different controls and can be manned by one to three people. The Helm of an Astral Ship is a vital part of the Astral Ship, without it one cannot travel to the deep Astral, hell, not even out of the hangar.

Because some large demons can make smaller demons appear under your ship, or even monsters that can circle your ship will require a pilot to move the ship up or down vertically, even backwards maybe forward horizontally. It is a tough decision. And to pilot a ship requires effort from the group for the pilot can know which direction to turn. Weapons and Navigators play a huge part in this.

These tool tips are not finalized yet. But, these are the rough descriptions of what it currently is roughly. I tried finding some folks in game for the ones I wasn’t sure of, but I got no response. So anyway, these will have to do for now, if one gets corrected, I’ll reflect the changes:

Steering Wheel
1 – Turn ship left fast.
2 – Turn ship left.
3 – Stop ship.
4 – Turn ship right fast.
5 – Turn ship right.

Horizontal Engine
1-4 Vessel Speeds in knots per second.
5 – Exit from Hangar
6 – Hyper-jump to another Astral sector
7 – Stop hyper-jump.

Vertical Engine
1 – Up, move the ship up.
2 – Stop, stop the ship.
3 – Down, move the ship down.
4 – Leave the Far Astral Allod, leave the far Astral allod. All crew members remaining on land will beteleported to the ship.

Thanks to AllodsFan for some tooltip info. I forgot to get screenshots of many tooltips. ><'.

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