Quest Guide: Monster Hunting

Fangy, is what Spekh Okhanov, the Construction Council Clerk calls the monster of White Lake. But, the problem is, Spekh Okhanov is the only one who has seen the monster! The clerk asks for your help and offers a pretty nice reward (higher in experience and money then usual around the level that this quest is usually completed).

A great many people get confused while doing this quest, and try to Google away their problems. How about, I make it easier? Just send the person to this post for they can know exactly what to do. :].

First of all! You need to find some Freshwater Pike! They are swimming all over the White Lake in northern Lightwood. Just hop in the water and kill ten of these large fish! The drop rate of the Freshwater Pike Head is 100% so there should be no grind! :].

Now, that the heads are collected we can look into our bag. There should be a box called ‘Empty Fisherman’s Box’ in your bag. Right click it and a loading bar that says ‘storing’ will come up, which is your character putting the fish heads into the box.

Now you need to go to the southern part of the lake, not the island, as many think. South of the island, inbetween the Waterfolk vilalge and the island. You should see at some angle clutter in the ground like this:

Go up to that clutter and right click on ‘Box of Fish Heads’ that should now be in your bags. This sets the bait!

Fangy, an elite giant Freshwater Pike will spawn within a few seconds. Kill him. He’s soloable. Don’t worry, he’s very easy to solo.

Once he’s dead, loot the ‘Head of the Lake Monster’! Now you can go back to Spekh Okhanov to turn it in. :].

Sometimes the ‘Box of Fish Heads’ bugs out and remains in your bags after you turn in the quest. It is now safe to delete once you turned in the quest. :].

    • BluestarNEO
    • January 30th, 2010

    Haha, thank you for posting this! I can’t tell you how many times I have had to help people with this quest. It’s like the Mankrik’s Wife quest of Allods.

    • Shine
    • January 30th, 2010

    Hey! This isn’t a *really* important quest like the world mysteries/rep quests that I hoped you would cover in the future ^^
    Should be helpful anyways 😉

    • They’re massive chains. :X. I may go through them as I complete my first set of chains, redo them on an alt and record em.

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