Patch v5 Least Liked Features

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Well, we have been getting some minor complaints about some changes in the v5 patch that is out in NA and should be coming out in EU around Wednesday. While many of The Novograd Times authors are PvE lovers, we have very few PvP players among us. (We want some PvP authors! You get PvP content when a PvPer writes it ^^)

I have hesitated on this post because, well I was trying to get a glimpse of what things are like. I am a moderator for the NA forums, and I can say it is chaos. Simply chaos, a new thread literally pops up all the time protesting Fear of Death, Flag, or even YOU KILLED PVP changes when there are so many other threads about it.

PvPers make up a third of the Allods Online population by a random poll conducted, though, this portion is very loud and can make a noise.

For your article on the v5 changes, please check out AllodsFan’s article.

We still are neutral about it here on the Novograd Times as we have faith that these issues can be fixed. We disagree with the long fifty minute debuff period, but feel that the 3-5 gold charge is manageable. Hell, I personally believe you shouldn’t get charged for a PvP death. Most games have a 2-10 gold death charge at end game for ‘repairs’ etc, this system is a lot nicer if we don’t get a repair system. However, most games don’t have repair charges to PvP deaths, and I agree with this.

Let your opinion be heard by posting in the preexisting threads on these topics. I assure you that the gPotato team is really, really reading it! They’re even discussing the discussions! But it doesn’t help if you threaten them. We don’t need another hundred ten page flame threads. :]. I am very much for the idea of an open PvP server and a PvE server at launch.

Though, seriously, check out AllodsFan’s article on this topic.

    • BluestarNEO
    • February 1st, 2010

    I personally thought the new patch brought several good things to the game and made if feel even more solid for the upcoming Open Beta.

    I do agree that the death penalty is a bit harsh though, especially in the matter of PvP. I like the idea of no death penalty for your flag being turned on. This would provide an incentive and most likely allow for more open pvp situations.

  1. I got banned for posting the same concerns on my blog and on

    I guess they do listen and know if they don’t control free speech they will lose more players lol 😦

    That was the info on my ban so far.

    • I’m Ashkir on those forums. We generally dislike when bans are discussed.

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