Community Spotlight #3: Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog

We all have heard of Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog in one way or another. They are a trustworthy site in opinion, and news relating to games. They have been following Allods Online for a while and have written brilliant pieces about the game. They are the third community spotlight!

Congrats guys. :]

As part of our ongoing effort to thank our amazing community for all the time they have put into spreading the word about Allods Online, we would like to dedicate this week’s Community Spotlight to Keen and Graev’s Gaming Blog

Keen and Graev was one of the first blogs to notice Allods Online, and from the beginning, they gave the game nothing but love. When they felt something about the game could be improved , they were objective and constructive. Dedicated to experiencing all aspects of the game they have written about everything from class mechanics to PvP to end game content, Keen and Graev has seen it all. We want to thank them for every post they made about Allods, every reader they have sent our way!

You can check out all of Keen and Graev’s posts about Allods Online HERE.

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