EU Astral Video Contest

The EU Allods Online team is having an Astral contest. Check out the details:

By now, there are several of you who have taken to the astral on your ships’ maiden voyages, wandering from allod to allod, fighting demon and foe alike in a desperate struggle for survival and dominance.

We want to see these epic battles, to experience the brief but peaceful splendour of the deep astral, and to marvel at the priceless treasures uncovered. From today, the 4th of February 2010, until the 15th of February 2010 at 16:59GMT, the Allods Online team will be accepting submissions to the first official video contest. Videos should be astral-themed and should meet the following requirements:

-Videos must be at least 60 seconds long.
-Videos may not exceed 240 seconds.
-All footage must be recorded in the European version of Allods Online. Any other footage will disqualify the entry.
-Videos must be submitted via the official entry thread.
-No inappropriate language should be used in the videos, including any voiceovers, credits, or subtitles.

The 3 winning videos for each Shard will be showcased on our Official YouTube and honoured in our Guild Portal and Official Forums… and each of three creators will win 1.000 gPotato, granted after Allods Online launches! We look forward to watching your adventures!

Good luck and good hunting!

Hoping to see some great entries!

Good luck EU folks! :].

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