The Lorebook Episode 2: The Astral Demons

The Astral Demons:

The Astral Demons are creatures from the far depths of the Astral. Their origins are a mystery even to the greatest for scientist and mages. But one thing was always clear; Their intention is destruction, chaos, and death.

The people of the Allods learned one thing from battling with them. And that is their battle tactics are quite simple, strength in numbers.

The war on the Astral Demons started out on a fateful night in 910, after almost a year of fighting between the Legion and the Empire over Kirah.

Mysterious portals began to open over the Allods and the Astral demons would emerge from them, wrecking havoc on anything that crossed their path.Yasker and Eniel, leaders of the Empire and the League began a complex ritual in which  it would protect the Allod and allow them to sustain life there.

At the very moment the ritual began, both armies were attacked by the demons. Both leaders ordered their armies to evacuate Kirah. Yasker opened a portal to Igsh allowing his army to flee, but it was hard to maintain for long and only a fraction of his army was able to get through. The remainder were left behind and died where they stood. The majority of the League troops were able to make it to their Astral ships, but only a lone ship survived the attack that followed from the Astral Demons. 

With a common enemy  bent on destroying them both, the League and the Empire put aside their differences and formed an uneasy alliance. For fifteen years, both sides sat idle awaiting another invasion, lucky for them it never came.

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