Learning a Second Profession

Learning a second profession takes a while and 475 gold! Here is a quick how to for this. :]

‘A New Craft’ is a quest that introduces you to a second profession. Get this quest (you don’t have to get it right away however). It can be found by Lazar Polyankov in the Trade District of Novograd or Yuri Kepochkin in Nezebgrad’s Yasker’s Tower’s Cafeteria.

Now work on raising your reputation with the Crafters’ Guild or the Suppliers’ Guild. This is the quest they offer (or something similar):

The NPCs for this can be found in Novograd City’s Aidenus’ Tower or Nezebgrad City’s Yasker’s Tower. Both sets of NPCs are on the main floor.

You will then need to go to an NPC of the quest type you selected. For example, if you choose Suppliers’ guild’s quest, you need to go to a supplier trainer such as the Herbalism Trainer. They’ll have an option:

Upon clicking the option the trainer will give you an order:

Bring back what the trainer wants:

Upon turning in the materials your quest will be completed. Then you can go back to the guild representative that gave you the quest and get your reputation.

You get 250 rep per quest turn in. You can complete this quest once daily. You need a respected reputation. Respected reputation is 25,000 rep points. You start off with 2,500. At 250 per day, it’ll take you ninety, yes, thats right, ninety days with the current time frames.

There may be other quest lines in the game that’ll increase your reputation as well.

Once you reach exalted you can buy the permit for the low, low price of 475 gold (which is easy to obtain at forty):

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