Poll Results: Will you settle for a repair mechanic?

The poll is now closed! :]. We had several voters on this topic. The question this week was: Would you be okay with a repair mechanic over the Fear of Death mechanic? This poll question was chosen because of the Fear of Death drama and flame wars.

Here are the results:

78% of the vote stated they will be okay. However, a good 22% said no to it. Though, for the first few days this poll was up there were no, No votes. The votes in the nay actually came recently.

Would you be okay with a repair mechanic over the fear of death mechanic at the same gold cost? (3.5 gold per death and of course, not for PvP deaths). In many games the repair mechanic and fear of death is similar, however the fear of death sickness lasts only five to ten minutes. And in these games you can die several times before you actually need to ‘repair’.

New poll up!

    • BluestarNEO
    • February 8th, 2010

    Between the 2 choices, I would definitely pick the repair mechanic. The worst thing about the FoD mechanic is that it debuffs you, but with the repair mechanic (depending on its severity), you could keep doing things like PvP or dungeon crawls for at least a few more deaths.

    The biggest thing is that FoD hits after EVERY time you die, where as the repair, would hopefully not be as severe.

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