Astral Ships: Astral Mechanics

The Astral is a vast place. Though, despite what many people believe, the Astral has a constant structure. The Astral is an ever-changing place. Here is the information of what we know so far about the Astral mechanics.

Astral ships travel through sectors. There are 24 sectors connected to each other. These structures are permanent but the content is not.

There are Astral Storms. The instability of the astral means that mapping is not possible. The content changes, there is always new areas and new things to discover. The Astral basically regenerates.

There are several hubs in each sector. To envision a hub, think of a cylinder system. The diameter of each hub is roughly 7.56 knots. The height of each hub is roughly 0.54 knots.

In the center of each hub there is a stable zone. This is a calm area where your ship does not take damage. The radius of the stable zone can be from roughly 2.53 knots to 3.24 knots (unsure of the exact size). While in this stable zone a ship can jump to another hub and appear in the stable zone.

The so called “jumps” look like FTL mode on popular Science Fiction shows (Stargate Universe for example). In these zones demons, ship wrecks and allods can be found.

Outside of the stable zone there is a border zone, or referred to as a stream zone. In this zone an Astral ship will take some hull damage each second. The amount of damage increases further out from the stable zone.

Further out you go, the greater chance of rarer allods you’ll find, and better loot, or upgrade items. That is if you can make it back to your astral hanger in time.

The storm zone is constantly changing, and it is a massive zone and much more unstable then the border zone. Only the bravest will venture deep into the storms. The mechanics are much like the border zone it seems, but, are much stronger and harsher.

This is what we know of the hub system so far. :].

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