Wild Isles Treasure

This guide will walk you through the steps on retrieving the treasure on Wild Isles. Thanks to BlitzGash (aka Garrett) for sending this in! :D. If you would like to submit a guide feel free to email me at ashkir@novogradtimes.com :].

I will start from the middle Isle named Savage Isle. Since this location teleports you to all of the other isles.

What you want to do is click the binding point (Ancient June Ruins) and teleport to Roughneck Isle.

When you arrive onto Roughneck Isle, Prepare to enter the camp right in front of you. You will have to do a lot of fighting to get through this camp.

Once you enter the camp and kill off a couple of Roughnecks, you want to keep head down the only path leading out of this camp.

The second camp with the X is where the location of the treasure chest is. Kill off any mobs that interfere and proceed to the chest.

Once you approach the X you might notice that the treasure chest icon will pop up. The treasure chest here is a Skull Shield.

This chest includes a Mithril Chest.

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