End of Closed Beta #4! :D Event Screenshots!

Well there were waves and waves of demons attacking us all! And many different kinds to be found all across the games, which was amazing.

And many more amazing things happened! The Astral Scholars of the game came in and started shouting things about the world ending and other doomsday stuff. On top of this we had rare game masters from GM Isle far north of Avilon come to us to grant us with their presence.

The Empire invaded Novgrad en masse, but the League eventually pushed them off!

Oh cannot forget the giant demons in the skies! It was a lot of fun! Good job guys in fighting and making this an enjoyable end of closed beta test to remember! I never seen anything like this in a game and I was happy to be a part of it! :D.

LOTS OF SCREENSHOTS (after the break! 56k warning)

  1. I’m not one to instigate conspiracies, but there is a chance that the Empire might have had some help getting to Novograd. Help from a higher power, I mean.

    But that is just something I heard on the grapevine. 😛

      • Novelus
      • February 10th, 2010

      Noo that would never happen we hitched a ride on a passing astral demon!

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