End of Closed Beta #4! Some Empire Shots from Novelus!

The servers have went offline! The game is offline for only six days and open beta begins! This time we all get to make brand new characters and get to keep these ones this time ’round!

The Empire had to fight hordes of astral demons and other threats from taking the tower. And after they have done that, Mage1 (An Allods Online Game Master) teleported a large group of Empire players to Lightwood, a bit east of the Novograd Arena.

The League and Empire enjoyed a spar as the Empire tried to invade Novograd City and the League defended their grand city.

And then at the end, a bunch of Empire guys had to commit mass suicide! The League was going to do it, but, nobody made the first jump.

Here are some screenshots from my good friend Novelus!

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