A First Look at the Allods Online Official Wiki!

I am going to be spending a lot of time in open beta leveling very slowly. Why so? Because I will be helping fill up the official wiki with content. There are several things that need to be done, and that we have in mind for the wiki! Trust me, even though I won’t be in the first thousand to forty, I will be working on a wiki full of npc, mob, items and quest information directly in game!

I have decided to let you guys get a sneak peek at two of our pages so far. The first quest a League player encounters and the first npc encountered. The template is not finalized, nor is the content. I’m still working on the parser code for the info box templates can be very easily managed.

I have a background in wikis. I am an administrator at the world’s largest wiki, AboutUs. :]. I have made over forty thousand edits at the largest wiki, and several tens of thousands across other wikis. Wikis are fun to me, and they are one of the few things, that I’m actually good at. Many consider me an expert in wikis, because of my background and experience. I am generally more known with commercial wikis, not with nonprofits.

It took me over fifteen hours to get the first pages done, and a good few hours in game to do these. I am dedicating a large portion of my time to this. I am very well aware of the grammar errors that exist, and I’ll be fixing them soon. I am personally in game manually writing, double checking my writing, and checking out every little detail.

Here are two screenshots of two pages done on the wiki so far:

Feedback is very much welcomed, as it can morph how the official wiki is formed. :]. A positive thing about spending massive amounts of time working on the wiki, is that the lore will burn itself into my mind. I will easily be spending forty to sixty hours a week working on this.

Update: Due to some feedback from a friend, and testing while asking a few people on my MSN list, I have changed the look of the quest template. Take a look at the new version:

  1. What is the URL to the actual official wiki? You didn’t provide it and I’m still very new to the game. 🙂

    • It exists, but nothing can be added/changed at the moment. It’ll be out when the time is ready.

    • Haec
    • February 14th, 2010

    Definitely a fantastic start. It looks to be a huge undertaking, so I wish you luck in continuing this project. Like others have said before, I certainly would be willing to lend a hand in the future, I look forward to seeing a full and robust product.

    • Thanks :D.

    • Zivadin
    • February 14th, 2010

    I fully support your work on this mate, ill help in future a bit 😀
    I also think that some database style site (like wowhead.com) would be great addition once we get data gathering addon support

    • Lateandawake
    • February 13th, 2010

    Very good to see someone is up and doing this! We do need a reliable source for allods information, and there certanly is the gap in the market.

    Are you looking for help? I cannot donate as much time as 60 hours a week, but would love to help and shape something, quality not quantity.

    Best of luck with your project.

    • When the basics are done, I’m pretty sure we’ll open it up for others can help contribute information. Glad you like it. :].

      Yes, I agree a reliable source is needed. Not to bash any wikis, but I found several mistakes in quest listings, wrong orders, etc.

  2. Is it going to be an open wiki, or just the gPotato team + Astral Scholars will be doing the editing? I would suggest focusing the work on establishing the formatting standards for all types of content you will feature, and make these standards available so that all players can contribute with content. That should make your job a lot easier.

    I could make a list of suggestions, about things that I expect from a good MMO wiki, but since I have played WoW for quite a while, I will just suggest taking a good look at WoWWiki (http://www.wowwiki.com/). Say what you want about the game, but that website is a very complete source for every single piece of data you might want about it.

    It’s very well organized, deep, and has a great visual style that fits well with the game.

    Taking your screenshots as an example, you could give direct links for all quests within the initial chain.

    Great work so far, and I’ll hope we get to see the results soon.

    Ps.: there is a small typo on the second screenshot, at the 3rd image description. It says “… swallow he allod”, instead of “The allod”. 😉

    • I am a WoW player, and I love wowwiki. I got my inspiration for the currency template from them and ideas for sections of characters.

      The wiki, I assume will be open for further editing by the player base after an initial seeding and template setup. :].

      Thanks for reporting the typo! I’ll fix it on my test page! :]

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