Machinima Winner – archonmerc!

Remember the machinima contest that Allods Online NA had? Well the winner was announced, and it was a damn good video. The winner was archonmerc. Check out the video:

We happened to get an interview. 😀

The winning video was the recruitment advertisement for Bloodpact. Can you tell us a little bit about Bloodpact?
Once I start, I could go on forever! I’ll just say that we are a mature bunch, we really don’t care for drama. Although we are a hardcore guild, my philosophy is that you don’t have to be a jerk to be a badass. (Can I say that?)

As for our history, we started in Corum Online (gPotato land!) over five years ago, and since then played 2moons before we came here. The core members and leaders are like a family, and instead of making cliques in such a huge group, we include everyone! We are lucky to have many members from the EU, Australia and Asia too, keeping it active 24/7!

As for me, Bloodpact is on my mind all day long, that might not be healthy, but it’s surely good for the guild.

Now how about a little bit about yourself?
My name is Thomas, I am a 23 year old journalist and photographer from Norway. I play on the North American servers (and have brought friends!) because of the language barrier and clique nation/region-centric guilds in the EU.

I just got out of the Royal Norwegian Air Force a little over a month ago where I completed my one year draft. I had actually signed up for news about Allods months in advance, and was bummed the closed beta testing started before I could complete my service. It hasn’t hurt me though, and I’m glad I could manage to ‘scramble’ Bloodpact on such short notice with a lot of help from my sidekicks Arteigon and Aewa.

What was the inspiration of the video?
Actually, Allods is inspiration enough! It was everything I hoped it to be and more. I always like to make videos for guilds, but now my interest was piqued with the fantastic foundation for getting majestic shots in Allods Online.

It was actually never my intention to enter the contest, just because it was a guild advertisement. A guildmate, Kemwer, pushed me into it though! Haha.

How long did it take you to make this video?
Not long enough… When I say that, I mean I love the process of making it as much as seeing the finished product. But I’m sure I lost a few potential levels on my characters to say the least due to being wrapped up in video making. Better time spent now than in open beta, am I right? Overall, I think I spent upwards of 10 hours and 200GB of hard drive space on recording it, and 40-50 hours on the editing.

It’s OK though, the sun never comes up in Northern Norway during the winter anyway, so I’m not missing anything!

I’m constantly adding new Allods videos to my YouTube profile, and have already made 3 of them since the contest entry, so I guess I’m an avid advertiser for the game and Bloodpact.

Did the video come out the way you invisioned it?
Truth be told, yes. Funny enough! Although I made the mistake of not uploading it in high definition, in this case for me it just adds some more character. And the movie itself, I am quite content with just because I found the right music, and patched the shots together just how I planned when recording them.

Who did the voice over?
Actually, I’m wondering that myself. I found the line on a CC sample sharing site, and when I asked for who to credit I just got back a generic answer. It does however fit quite well!

Did any others help you with the video?
Yes! First off, Kemwer, the Brazilian stallion, got the shots from the end of CBT#3 dance of the old square, and made our new logo as well. So much credit goes to him here. Also, the entire Bloodpact guild of course! At that time we only had around fifty members, but there were no problems getting suggestions and critiques, or people to come to the “set”. And of course, Astrum Nival who’s amazing art direction makes such beautiful scenery possible – and gPotato for giving this magnificent game to us through the intertubes.

Anything you’d like to say to The Novograd Times readers?
Support Allods, and respect your fellow players =)

It’s a monster high quality game made with love and care and detail. Might be sounding like a fanboy here, and maybe I am, but I just urge people to stay with it and keep it up! The community over all is pretty nice, and I don’t want that to change ever. You guys rock!

Once again congratulations to archonmerc. Enjoy your Razer Megalodon Headset!

    • jimmy paravane
    • February 13th, 2010

    uhm…I didn’t see what I thought I saw with that poor horsey, did I? Shame on you!

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