Bright’s Alchemy Guide

With the last days of Closed beta counting down I decided to play with a craft, here is what I have learned about crafting.

Like any other profession you will spend 38 Silver on the instruction manual and learn your only profession for the time being. You will also need to purchase a shoddy flask which will take an inventory slot and act as you access to your skill.

Upon speaking to the alchemist again he will give you a quest to bring him 10 Stain Removers. You will also be given 40 basic solvents to use as ingredients. These will be found on the Reagents tab of your bag.

***BIG HINT***
You will not need to use all 40 basic solvents to make the 10 Stain Removers but you should keep crafting until you have used all 40. The quest give will take back any extras you have and afterwards you will pay 9 silvers for each one.

As you can see the basic solvent has 2 properties 2 Blinding Agents and 2 Unknown. When you open your Alchemist window you will see two flasks for boiling ingredients.

You will place 2 of your herbs (which will need to be bought/traded) from an herbalist or the auction house until you can learn your second profession. Into the flask and click on boil.

The aspects will rotate like a slot machine and stop. If you match a recipe (which I’ll cover a little later) you will have a potion ready to be bottled, if not you will have the bottle of death show.

You are permitted to make a minor correction (levels 1-50 only 1) to the results to steer them to a usable potion.


You can click on the recipes tab at the bottom of your alchemy window to access the list of potions you know. Through experimentation I discovered that unless you know the recipe you can not accidently create a potion or make it, you just get the bottle of death.

And here is what the potions do.

Buff lasts for 30 seconds but man do you fly.

Any skill increasing potion does cancel out any other one in effect, making so that you can only have one 30 min stat buff active at one time.

Again a 30 sec buff but having a constant 34 damage reduction can make a big difference in lower level PvP and Boss fights.

I never did make a Divine resistance potion but assume (I know shame on me) that it would match nature’s resistance except vs divine. Might be useful against all those PvP paladins…..uh well maybe there’s a hold boss monster out there somewhere.

    • BluestarNEO
    • February 14th, 2010

    Thank you for another profession guide. Due to the lack of proper in-game explanation, the professions can seem a bit overwhelming at first. These guides go a long way to clear things up. =)

    • Reira
    • February 14th, 2010

    After seeing this, I sure will make Alchemy my first profession.

    +favorite in my broswer for easy access 🙂

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