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The Novograd Times has a long history to the people of Kania and a more recent history to the Empire.


In the year 994 the first issue of the Novograd Times was published by the first author and editor. It was founded by a young elf who has longed for a way to send updates from the city to his friend who traveled a lot aboard an astral ship.

The first editor was known as Luka de Ardeur; a curious Archmage. He was not a powerful mage, but he tried with all of his heart to learn. He much preferred to write about and to read the works of the Great Mages. In 990 when he was only twenty two years of age his best friend Kora de Pluie went away to work aboard an astral ship.

On an early morning in the autumn of the year 994 he decided to write down all the news that happened around the city and the things he heard of from travelers coming in from all over. Luka wrote several pages worth of material to give to Kora when she came back. He decided to write down the news so he could spend the little time she was in the city with her, and not explaining and catching her up on the news.

On his way to the port, he tripped over a dropped bag of flour. He obviously wasn’t paying attention. A Kanian man by the name of Jakob picked up his papers, and glimpsed at them as Luka picked himself up. “The trade caravan in southern Lightwood was ambushed?” he asked. Luka simply nodded his head and snatched the papers. The man asked Luka for a copy, Luka sighed and used the little magic he knew to duplicate a copy.

The news updates for his friend quickly became spread out among the traders and the people of Novograd learned of his work. A few weeks later, Luka wrote another copy, and made a duplicate. He ran into Jakob again, he obviously worked on the same ship as Kora. He gave Jakob a copy, and than Kora her copy.

The Novograd Times was founded.


For many years the only reports people got was through word of mouth, military orders and notes on the notice boards. It was a skeptical business, but Luka went through and tried to establish a newspaper in early 995. Kora and Jakob both wrote articles and handed them to Luka when they met up at the port.

Kora and Jakob were the first two people outside of Luka whom wrote for the Novograd Times, and Jakob is credited with causing it to be founded. The citizens of Novograd and the surrounding areas loved hearing news from outside their comfort zone from far away lands.


By 1000 there were seven reporters working for the Novograd Times, however the paper was still free of cost. It was being duplicated right and left. After a suggestion from a Gibberling Entrepreneur, Luka took a risky step listening to this Gibberling family. He found a small office inside the Main Market of Novograd. It was a hefty fee to be in that location, but it soon paid off through an investment by the Gibberling.

Luka gave up his studies as an archmage to work on being an editor as his newspaper became more and more popular. The first issues of the newspaper sold for a silver each and there was more content then ever.


Luka de Ardeur tragically passed away in 1024 due to an astral ship accident, he was the last of his family line and had no children himself. Jakob Neal declined the position of Editor in Chief, so Kora de Pluie took over the newspaper for a few short years and handed it to a rising star, Sencere de Desirae toward the end of 1028.


It was a risky business but in 1029 the Novograd Times jumped to the Empire. Empire citizens picked up the newspaper when it came within their reach. They read all about the news of Kania. Of course, the military loved the rumors. It did not take long until letters were being smuggled back to Novograd in the hands of Sencere de Desirae, the new Editor in Chief. The newspaper started printing stories from the Empire.

It took years before the Empire would actually started selling the newspapers, but it picked up as an international news source across all the known lands. When the editors and reporters needed to meet, they often times meant in a neutral zone, or sent requests in to the guardians of Novograd to allow passage to an Empire citizen, for diplomatic news reasons.


In 1037 the Desirae an family bought out part ownership of the Novograd Times from the Gibberling family that helped found it. Through this buying, the Desirae family secured their place in the history of the company. In 1042 Zella and her husband, Sencere ran into some problems in their relationship.

Zella took over control of the Novograd Times, and appointed herself the new Editor in Chief. This change caused Sencere, who was responsible for the largest expansion in the history of the newspaper to leave the team. Zella went on a hiring spree, and let go of several workers she had a querrel with.

Zella de Desirae tore apart the interpolitics and the peaceful nature of the newspaper. She passed away in 1044, and her husband Sencere returned as Editor in Chief.


In the year 1045 a young elf by the name of Azar de Disirae joined the newspaper. Azar was only twenty-one years old at the time. Azar was an outcast among the Elves due to his study choices. It seemed Azar strayed away and learned the art of being a Summoner. Azar loved his people, his city and life. He cherished it.

Azar just wanted to learn to control the forces they so eagerly fought against and he loved it. He loved being able to walk around with a skeleton at his side or a zombie, fully under his control. It offered great protection to him when he was out in the field traveling. Azar stayed around Novograd mostly with the newspaper, he traveled to Blackwater a few times, and Siveria at others on jobs.

The young elf usually stayed in Novograd to help the Editor in Chief, Sencere de Desirae with his work. He proofread stories, and even wrote a few of his own. Azar only had one of his stories rejected, far less then many other reporters. In 1049 Sencere stepped down as Editor in Chief due to reasons unknown and he asked Azar to take his place.

It was a surprising question to many, at the tavern where Sencere announced his departure. “Why him? Because, he stayed. Helped with editing. You all are field reporters, Azar became dedicated to his home. That is the editor we need.”

“But he’s a Demonologist!” a few elves cried out, as it was an outcast form of learning.

The editor simply replied back, “Who cares? Azar de Desirae is now your boss. The fifth Editor in Chief of the Novograd times is him.” Nobody questioned Sencere even further. Sencere still would hold a great amount of sway with the newspaper, due to he piratically owned it.

The next day, an article was ran in the new edition of the newspaper making the announcement. There was an outcry of support and an outcry of hate. But in the time following the announcements, the people begun to like Azar de Desirae as the editor.


For reasons unknown, the Editor in Chief has always been an elf. But, for several years the newspaper was owned by a Gibberling.


The Novograd Times was founded on December 3, 2009 by Nick, whom is the author Azar on this blog. Nick founded this blog as a pure fansite blog, on the free host WordPress.com to show his love of the game, Allods Online which was currently in beta.

On December 6, 2009 TwilightStar joined the team as the second author.

On December 8, 2009 PainJane joined the team as an Empire author.

On December 11, 2009 normic joined the team as the Priest class columnist.

On December 18, 2009 bojangle (Jamie) joined the team as the warden and general columnist.

On January 22, 2010 rotsicle (Amanda) joined the team as the Summoner and general columnist.

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